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Shock'em Shox! 12-04-06 14:48
The #10 ranked team in the fucking nation. Amazing. Take that Nate Funk you alien inbred fetus.

Our Country 10-30-06 13:46
I was very pleased today to see a article on the front page of the buisness section of The New York Times about the horrifyingly bad Chevy Silverado commercials with Johns sans-Cougar Mellancamp. These commercials have struck me as extremely manipulative, and at the same time, completely contradictory. The Times editorial, by David Carr, does an excellent job of questioning the symbolism of the ads: whether we are meant to interpret images of American disasters as a call to save Chevrolet from disaster, whether it is even appropriate to cite disasters in an effort to sell more (its not), and whether a negative message is supposed to provoke a postive reaction from the audience, etc.

I think the Carr editorial specifically falls short in a couple of areas. 1) The ad very prominently features Hurricane Katrina, and more over Vietnam and Jim Crow. All three of these events and periods were directly the result of or greatly aided by American racism and imperialism. A couple months ago, I sat in on a discussion with three Hurrican Katrina survivors, and they very clearly articulated that they DIDN'T feel like America was representative of their way of life. In their minds, America abandoned and continues to abandom them. Hurrican Katrina is America's failure. So when Chevy invokes those images to promote patriotism (buying a big ol' truck), how are we to react? My reaction was, these are reasons I don't like America. But how are these images received by Chevy's intended audience: "The idea was that the pickup consumer is honest, hardworking, authentic and real." I wish Carr would have branched out of purely ad-junkies to examine the ads impact.

And 2) There is another ad that features Americans doing "American" things like sleeping on logs, lifting heavy things, wearing cowboy hats, etc. and all of the sudden, a picture of Dale Earnhardt pops up on screen, completely out of place, without context. Clearly, the people at Chevy are really using their brains. Let's see, what do rednecks and hillbillies associate with: trucks (duh), cowboys, dirt, chopping trees, and.....NASCAR!!! Dale Earnhardt clearly died for America, it will strike a chord, Silverados flying off the lots. Apart from being totally morally vacuous, poorly executed, and stupid, the commericals are completely condescending.
Dearest Lizz, apple of my eye, keeper of my heart:

When I arrived in Cozad yesterday, the first thing Lauren asked me was if you were here. Then I ran into Colt and he too asked me if you were here. Then, my uncle came in and asked me if I had brought you along. After I said no, he said, "Well bummer. She is really a nice girl." Larry generally doesn't say more than "Hello Michael" to me, so you know that that was a big thing.

The long and the short of it is this: you are too good to be true, without you I am blue, I'm two blue shoes, one shoe with a hole, and one missing its soul. Now, picture me reading that in the way I'd read you a poem out of Jelly Roll.

You see dear, I like you something awful, something rotten, something rancid. It is the nights that are the worst and its the nights that confirm that we are here to stay. I love you. Always will.

Good luck at your first day of indentured servitude. And on second thought, picture no one naked, no matter how good looking they are.
I can't log on to this damned site in safari on my Mac. I am using firefox and now I'm on. What is the deal?

The Big Dance 03-24-06 21:58
I don't think I've ever seen a tournament so ripe with retarded and conversely, amazing plays. It is just mind-blowing.


Bob Dylan 03-14-06 21:24
The lady says change it.
Tomorrow Wichita 03-09-06 22:40
I feel cultured. I've watched movies, seen plays, and gone to orchestra concerts all in the last three days. That makes me cultured I'm positive.

Six degrees of seperation is a fun game.

Grey Gardens is a stunning film.

As is Network.

I'm proud of myself for keeping my mouth shut longer than I would have ever allowed myself to in the past. I've just wanted to go absolutely crazy with sarcasm and biting rhetoric but I haven't. Thank you dear for teaching me patience.
General Idi Amin Dada 03-02-06 22:10
To the President of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere:

"I want to assure you that I love you very much and if you had been a woman I would have considered marrying you although your head is full of gray hairs. But as you are a man that possibility does not arise."
Monday 02-19-06 22:59
This was a pretty good weekend. I watched some movies and I cleaned my room. I've decided that the Western is one of the greatest American art forms.
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